Rula Ghani Calls For Support Of Women Entrepreneurs

  • Date of Publication : 15/11/2017 at 06:45 GMT

Afghanistan’s First Lady Rula Ghani has emphasized the need for women in Afghanistan to play a broader role in the country’s economic sector.

Speaking at a pre-summit meeting on the first day of the Seventh Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA VII), Rula Ghani told participants at the women’s economic empowerment forum that all stakeholders need to work together to help boost women’s participation in the economy.

Delegates attending the meeting exchanged views on a number of important topics pertaining to women’s economic empowerment and on how to boost relations between businesswomen in the region.

“One of the objectives of RECCA summit is to enhance cooperation among businesswomen, because we realize that without the participation of women in the economic activities, it is difficult to reach our objectives, therefore we need the people and the women to work together so that we can reach sustainable stability,” said Rula Ghani.

She said that Afghanistan is at the crossroads of cultural exchanges and trade routes.

The meeting also focused on a number of other issues such as problems Afghan and regional businesswomen face, women’s skills development programs, and investment and proper marketing facilities for women’s products.

“Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries is implementing a range of programs to facilitate the private sector on the basis of which investments in Afghanistan and in the region will be increased. We have outlined a number of frameworks for our programs to find investment opportunities in Afghanistan so that appropriate ground is paved for investors across the country,” said ACCI chief Atiqullah Nusrat.

At the meeting, Turkmen officials said that trade and transit relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan have noticeably increased in recent months – by 22 percent. They said that the net worth of trade volume between the two countries is estimated to be $600 million USD annually.

“Now Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are willing to expand their commercial relations and currently there is a proper opportunity to take advantage of. We are ready to sign seven agreements to boost trade and economic ties,” said deputy prime minister of Turkmenistan.

RECCA VII will be held at a ministerial level with the participation of ministers and heads of regional and international organizations in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on November 14 and 15.

Building on the outcomes of the previous RECCA meetings, RECCA VII will provide an opportunity to:

• Take stock of the progress made since RECCA VI in Kabul through a comprehensive review of the priority projects including the actions recommended in the RECCA 2016 Review
• Discuss the challenges and bottlenecks as well as the financing and investment needs with respect to the priority projects in key areas of energy; transport networks; trade and transit facilitation; communications; and business to business and labor support,
• Build consensus around concrete steps that need to be taken in the context of ongoing projects,
• Present possible new projects or activities under the abovementioned priority areas,
• Further promote synergy between RECCA, the Heart of Asia- Istanbul Process and other regional cooperation platforms in the wider region.

RECCA has now turned into a leading regional cooperation framework aimed at promoting cross-border economic cooperation through a list of prioritized regional economic cooperation and investment projects that are capable of contributing to economic growth, job creation, income generation and confidence building in the wider Central, South and Southwest Asia and beyond.