Trump or Clinton, which one of them Afghans predict will win?

  • Date of Publication : 8/11/2016 at 10:26 GMT

The people of Afghanistan have also different views on the results of the U.S Presidential elections.

Perhaps it should not come as a surprise, then, that Afghans- like Americans- appear to be divided into two camps on the U.S. presidential election. Some are hoping for a continuation of Washington’s political and military involvement, but others are eager for a radical change.

While some Afghans said in interviews conducted that they are fearful that a Trump presidency would be hostile to Muslims of all kinds, why others dismissed his harsh comments as campaign rhetoric.

“A large number of Afghans predict Hillary Clinton will win this week’s presidential election in the United States, but others believe that Donald Trump is the real face of America and a different American,” said Wahid Muzhda, an Afghan political analyst.

Muzhda believes that a win by Donald Trump, will not only be dangerous for Afghanistan but also for the entire Muslims.

Fawzia Kufi, a member of Afghan Parliament and a human rights activist believes that it doesn’t matter which one of the two candidates wins the elections, because in any case they will represent the United States as they will be responsible for supporting and introducing democracy more to the world.

“Washington has to cooperate with us, that is why Afghan people are being slaughtered and sacrificed by the Taliban and al-Qaeda and now we are been confronted with ISIS in our country,” Fawzia Kufi made the statements why referring to the lack of interest of neither of the U.S candidates in Afghanistan’s issue.

Moein Marastiyal, another Afghan political activist said, “We Afghans do welcome Hillary Clinton as the first woman president in America’s history if she becomes the U.S president.”

Marastiyal added that since Clinton will follow current President Barack Obama’s footsteps in terms of his policies towards Afghanistan, I will be so glad if she wins.

The US presidential election is underway in some States and at first Hillary Clinton had won the elections in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

In Dixville Notch, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump 4-2, while write-ins Bernie Sanders and John Kasich each got one vote.

But in Millsfield, Trump won decisively, 16-4, over Hillary Clinton.

Dixville Notch has had the honor of launching the voting, symbolically, since 1960.